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Welcome to the website for cat lovers by cat lovers. Our website provides a free information tool to find out all about cats. As well as providing a selection of the best cat products available we offer information and articles about cats that every cat lover will find priceless.

You can join in our blog with your catty comments and send us your cat pictures along with other cat lovers all over the UK.

There are the best pick of cat food deals and treats in the Cat Food section. Whether it’s Felix cat food or something more unique for your furry friend you’ll find something special here. Most items have free delivery so these will come right to your door.

If you want cat accessories look no further than the site. We’ve scoured the shops and web for some of the best items available. There are cat collars, cat leads and cat leashes and collar tags in all colours and varieties. Cat beds and furniture are also available at low prices with some of the best reviews and cat bestseller items. Cat furniture also includes cat beds and covers, heaters for winter, cat carriers and baskets and cat kennels.

Cat books and DVDs will amuse you and your family and educate you about our feline friends.

Take care of you cat with the latest grooming products to keep cat hair and cat fur in top condition. Hygiene matters and the best low price cat hygiene items to care for your cat are here, from Frontline flea solutions to ticks and other pests. Also follow our tips in the health and hygiene section and you may want to look at insuring your cat if you haven’t got pet insurance already.

For kittens and playful cats check out our cat games and cat toys section. From tickle sticks to play stations there is something to suit every budget and give your cat and you hours of entertainment.

If you’re going on holiday or for a weekend away check out the range of cat water fountains and timed feeders in the cat accessories section to ensure your cat is well fed and watered during your break. There’s a wide variety of cat flaps to choose from as well to ensure your cat has all the freedom it needs and can exercise it’s independence.

Finally our selection of cat gifts means you share some cat love. From jewellery to lights, to cuddly toys and home accessories you’re sure to find something unusual.

We hope you enjoy our cat site and if you have any comments please feel free to contact us. You can sign up for all our news and join our blog here

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